TrackIt Turn-Key Service


TrackIt Turn-Key Service bundles together all the hardware, technology, engine connectivity devices, and installation into a single predictable monthly package.


Eliminates large upfront CapEx cost

One easy monthly billing

Bundling of all necessary hardware, technology and hardware installation


Eliminates risk of hardware investment

Protects against technical obsolescence

No need to research, purchase and manage multiple hardware components


Repair or replacement of warranty issues and hardware failures due to normal wear & tear at no charge

Only ruggedized tablets with replaceable batteries & mounting brackets

Hassle-free installation included


The service offers new ruggedized tablet options with replaceable batteries and new, fully functional and reliable engine interface devices. There are two highly effective and trustworthy hardware options:

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active II

Created for field-based professionals

8-inch Tablet
Rugged design to withstand harsh conditions
Glove mode
Works rain or shine
Powered by Android™
S Pen Support
Wi-Fi chipset
Quick-charging, replaceable battery

Panasonic Toughbook B2 Tablet

Created for field-based professionals

7-inch Tablet
Fully rugged & sealed design
Thin & lightweight
Works rain or shine
Powered by Android™
Equipped with the latest Intel® processor
Upgraded rear camera
Wi-Fi chipset
Quick-charging, replaceable battery



TrackIt Turn-Key Service was developed in response to customer requests and reflects Command Alkon’s commitment to deliver A+ Customer Experiences.

People with requirements for robust engine diagnostics also benefit from the new TrackIt Turn-Key Service solution. A new Engine Data Connection (EDC) device is optional, along with a specialized software stack from a company called Noregon, which will provide customers with more reliable, and more overall engine data than has ever been available. The combination of the EDC device with the software will allow fleet owners and operators to easily capture and transfer the engine diagnostic data from their trucks.

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