Supply Management Simplified

Monitor inventory levels in real time, forecast material usage based on actual ready mix demand, and coordinate with all of your trading partners.

Know Your Flow​

​Know how long inventory will last, really. Track it with supplyCONNECT. Real-time flow of information from batch and dispatch helps prevent out-of-stock situations. Identify the right time to restock without slowing down outbound deliveries or lining up inbound trucks.

Close the Demand/Supply Gap

​Improve both the inbound and outbound delivery processes and balance ready mix demand and raw materials supply. Minimize inefficiency to maximize profits.

“Before supplyCONNECT I was flying blind. Planning our inventory was a large manual task. We were losing time, money, and ability to grow as a business. Then we saw the light. supplyCONNECT has not only helped us save on inventory sourcing and supply costs, it saved us a tremendous amount of time in scheduling every day.”

Jacob Davis, Areas Operations Manager, Wayne Davis Concrete

Reduce Hauling Costs

Hauling accounts for an estimated 15% to 20% of total material costs. With supplyCONNECT reduce hauling inefficiencies and costs and realize substantial savings.


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