​Batch Your Profits

​How do you maximize profit? Get your concrete right the first time. Take control of the batching process with the COMMANDbatch suite of products for greater quality and consistency.

Get Smarter About Moisture

The Precision Water System eliminates wet loads, simplifies calibration, and lets you achieve consistent results.

How’s Your Concrete Temperature

​After water management, temperature control is the next main quality issue for ready mix producers. The Precision Temperature System ensures quality while minimizing process heating and cooling costs.

“COMMANDbatch is fast, accurate, and easy to use with little to no errors! Adjustments to mixes and materials can be done on the fly without hindering the speed in production or the delivery of a quality product. Training batch personnel is an ease and if there is something you can’t figure out or if you have any issues, customer support is always available. I have used a few different batch systems in the past, and in my opinion COMMANDbatch surpasses them all by far.”

Woody Arwood, Dispatch Manager, IMI – Irving Materials, Inc.

Up to the Minute Alerts

Identify changes in the concrete before it becomes a problem. Plant Watcher delivers instant alerts before the mix reaches out-of-tolerance conditions.

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