​Time Saved. Quality Assured.

Capture real-time and historical data on the properties of your fresh concrete from load to pour. Real-time data helps you make decisions that can ensure quality, avert risk, enhance production, and increase delivery efficiency.

​Good-bye Guesswork

​Visibility is in the mix. Tolerances for slump, temperature, and W/C ratio are monitored—you’ll understand what happens to each load after it leaves the plant. Automatic alerts are sent if a threshold is reached.

​​Real-time Data for Ready Mix

​Fresh insights into your fresh concrete helps you make adjustments to your next production cycle at the source. Let the data from each delivery improve the next load before it leaves the plant.

“COMMANDassurance provides a richness of concrete property data previously unseen in the delivery cycle. Knowing precisely what the slump is at arrival on site saves tempering time. There are time savings available when leaving plant as well as having advance knowledge of returned materials. Peace of mind in the quality of your delivered product is invaluable.”

Dale Brownbridge, Product Manager, Command Alkon

Utilize Your Drivers Wisely

Once a load has reached a homogeneous state in the drum, alert the driver immediately to avoid overmixing. Reduce time at the plant and time on the jobsite to increase driver utilization and make more money on each load.

Maximum Results, Minimal Hardware

Achieve maximum impact to your business with minimal hardware to be deployed and maintained across your ready-mix fleet. It’s as simple as a probe, solar panel and control panel / tablet.

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