​Scale Your Success

Apex automation streamlines the business processes and operational tasks necessary to ticket and scale bulk products including aggregates, asphalt, and cement. Apex Asphalt ensures the production and loadout of a quality product.

​Hit the Road

​Check-in, load, and ticket trucks without interruption. Advanced-scale ticketing software works in conjunction with simple site-automation technologies to deliver impressive improvements in the speed, efficiency, and safety of operations.

​Connecting All the Moving Parts

​Connect your processes for sales, office, and dispatch when you combine the Apex ticketing, rail, and vehicle/order dispatch modules with a full range of tools for quoting, billing, reporting, performance analysis, and transportation management.

“The Apex implementation has been a great success at all of our locations and is an important part of our commitment to customer service.”

Allen Bryant, Sr. Software Engineer, Graniterock

Streamline Your Operation

Site-automation technologies ensure seamless truck throughput with automatic truck recognition, driver kiosks and display, remote print enclosures, video verification of scale loading, antitheft modules, wireless loader systems, and more.

Beyond the Office

Anything you do in the office, you can do on the go. Sales and back-office modules for quoting, invoicing, receivables, inventory, reporting, and business intelligence ensure that information flows quickly and easily across your enterprise. All your processes are connected—from sales through dispatch and to the office.

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