Scale Ticketing & Site Automation


For Quarries and Plants


Connect sales, dispatch, and back office-all from one platform.

  • Advanced Scale Ticketing Software
    Simple Site Automation Technologies
  • Connect Point-of-Sales to Office
  • Streamline Site Throughput
  • Minimize Over and Under Loads

Apex for Aggregates

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    All Terrain Kiosk

    The All Terrain Kiosk is designed to keep your drivers in the cab. Use an RFID card or enter the truck number to check-in.

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    Automatic License Plate Recognition

    Recognize in-bound trucks immediately and check them into the Apex system. ALPR uses camera technology and captures images from the truck as it enters the frame and overlays the license plate information on the screen.

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    Wireless Loader Technology

    For loading via a front-end loader, Apex offers a ruggedized tablet mounted in the cab of the loader. This gives the operator valuable information like, who’s in the plant, exactly how much product to load, and what product to load.

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    Remote Printer Enclosure

    Receiving your ticket is automated with our Remote Printer Enclosure. The printer is mounted inside a weather-proof enclosure and even mounted on a swingable stand incase the system gets bumped by a truck.

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    Scale Watcher

    Provide ironclad proof of weighing without signature.  Superimpose ticket information onto truck images or scale video.  Optional Theft Deterrent System constantly monitors the scale, even when you aren’t there to.


“The Apex automation software has made our entire operation more efficient. With this automation, it’s now roughly 15 seconds from the time these trucks hop on the scale, receive their ticket, and they’re out the gate to their job. We now see an extra load per truck, per job, per day.”

Jordan Stohl

Great Lakes Aggregate


Centralize data from multiple locations to maximize use of resources and tie to together ticketing operations with invoicing and billing activities for a seamless and accurate flow of information across processes and sites.


Site-automation technologies ensure seamless truck throughput with automatic truck recognition, driver kiosks and display, remote print enclosures, video verification of scale loading, antitheft modules, wireless loader systems, and more.

Get loads on the road faster


Time in plant reduction


Of drivers stay in truck

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